Tuesday, October 28, 2008

snoek at kalk bay

Slyvia at Kalk Bay Harbour: ‘Like you can say the best month would be if the snoek is running continuously cause that’s more in demand. The people want to hear nothing they look at all the fish down there… da da da…

“Is there any snoek? Where’s the snoek?”And they ignore all the other fish, yeah I had twenty five snoek yesterday that I got from somebody.. and all the other fish was lying down and they just picked the snoek most the times.

What it is, its um, how can I explain this now…it’s a, it can feed about the whole family and there’s leftovers.. your money can go further with that . . . more food with the snoek. Yes. It’s cheaper… it was R25 rand and some people took three some two and so there. Yeah’


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