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Friday, July 15, 2011


I am going to Greece soon. I've just finished my olives I picked in the Constantia valley.  Here is a picture of my YiaYia Chrissy when my brother George was just a single digit. I want to say this is circe 1977.  The home she was born in is one of my favorite places on Earth.  I'm so happy to be able to sleep within those walls. The very same space she was born into.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Refashioning Manoula's Dress

I am refashioning my mom's dress for the love revolution festival wedding we are soon to be planning for next year.  I am going to see the dress soon and wear it with such pleasure- restructuring it with Ronel's help. Here is a picture of the detail, the hand beaded parts my mom did for her wedding in 1969.  Today is my parent's anniversary.  It was a Priscilla gown, she explains to me.  Whatever it is, I will love to use it's vintage allure. I can't wait to see how it evolves into a three-in-one gown of beautiful feminine love and powah.


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